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"One of the most critical skills for today's professionals,
in just about every field, is public speaking."

Lisa Braithwaite

No matter how talented or smart you are, if you can't communicate effectively with others, it will be difficult to relate to people and move forward. We don't only send messages with words, but also with our behavior, tone and expressions. Communication is both verbal and nonverbal. Most presentations fall into four categories; educational, inspirational, persuasive or entertaining. We will work together to establish the purpose and goal of your presentation.


Why work with me?

I have coached business executives, political candidates, keynote speakers, TEDx speakers, performing artists and amateur speaking enthusiasts. I offer numerous techniques to make your presentation(s) more impactful, memorable and inspiring.

Whether your presentation is 5 minutes or an hour, here's

  • Work on structuring your speech
  • Opening and closings
  • Speech variation
  • Storytelling ability
  • Facial expressions and body language
  • Demonstration of what NOT to do and what TO do
  • Building audience engagement and commanding the stage
  • Building speaking confidence
  • TIming and cadences
  • Overcoming public speaking anxiety
  • Stating your ideas effectively
  • Being polished and prepared
  • Preplanned spontaneity
  • Speaking to the media

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"We were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Tiffany. Tiffany has been a game-changer for us, effectively teaching us how to intentionally craft a message and then connect directly with the audience. She is also the living embodiment of everything she teaches - confident, engaging, and passionate as a presenter and mentor, but also quite capable of being firm and honest in her critique. I cannot recommend Tiffany highly enough and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future." 

Gwen Holdman
Director, Alaska Center for Energy and Power


"Tiffany was an amazing public speaking coach for my state senate campaign. She took the time to get to know me and my passions, so she could channel my authentic voice for my public talks. She helped me figure out the tone and themes of my talks and then gave me great tips on how to build my speech and practice on my own. I went from having very little public speaking experience to addressing large audiences and doing public debates, and I couldn't have made that transition without Tiffany's support. She's so passionate about her work and it's a joy to just be around her."

Clare Ross
Candidate for Alaska State Senate


"I worked with Tiffany in preparation for a TED-style talk about my world-record-setting energy-efficient home. As an academic, I am comfortable delivering specialized content to other professionals in my field. But speaking to the general public with attention to body language, facial expressions, intonation, and other aspects related to the art of public speaking was a new thing for me. I benefitted immensely from Tiffany's expertise. She not only gave me great feedback while I was creating and practicing my talk, but she also came up with innovative methods to coach me from distance via audio and video because I live in a remote Alaskan community. She was very friendly and quickly responded to all of my inquiries throughout the process. I would recommend Tiffany to anybody planning to give a public speech."

Dr. Tom Marsik
Assistant Professor, University of Alaska Fairbanks


"I worked with Tiffany in my preparation for aTEDx talk in Anchorage. She was very helpful to me in the process of shaping and polishing my talk from its relatively first draft through the final presentation-ready talk. Her feedback and suggestions provided me with key feedback in deciding which points to keep and which to eliminate as we worked through the finalization process.
"I would recommend Tiffany to anyone needing help with the crafting of or practice for a major presentation or public performance. I believe her knowledge and approach help instill confidence while refining the ultimate product."

Ethan Gabriel Schutt
Senior Vice President, CIRI Alaska Native Corporation


"Working with Tiffany was very beneficial. I cannot stress the importance of having someone  outside of your working group critique your public speaking efforts. People who are close to you adapt to your quirks. I needed someone from outside that group to provide an honest appraisal and Tiffany was a fantastic choice. Her feedback was clear and concise. I could employ her ideas and observations immediately to see if they would work for me. It was important to me to work on 1 or 2 things at a time- not a laundry list to make me perfect.

"I would highly recommend Tiffany's services to anyone who is searching for some assistance in public speaking. BTW, I don't get the pre-game jitters anymore."

Matt Moore
Candidate for Alaska House of Representatives


"I wanted to reach out to the broader Anchorage community through presentations on my initiative. I sought Tiffany's expertise, and glad that I did. I told Tiffany my main goal and she always reminded me of that whenever I deviated. This was the biggest support for me.

"Tiffany trained me in many aspects of public speaking I lacked before, such as audience engagement, adding calls to action, giving pause after making an important point, smiling through the speech, and many more. 

"Tiffany was thorough in her instructions and they always worked. She is driven by purpose and values, two critical aspects of a teacher. She encouraged me to take new challenges, and made me work hard. I could see the result faster than I expected."

Archana Mishra
Live, Work, Play Director
Anchorage Economic Development Corporation


"Tiffany was a terrific coach. I had so much fun with her. She gave great feedback on my writing, and encouraged me to bring myself and my ideas and my originality to the presentation. Tiffany expects the best from you and is straightforward and honest about what needs to get done, and she is always kind and encouraging. I look forward to working with Tiffany in the future! She is a true professional!"

Jill Bessneimeyer
TEDx Speaker, Actress, Playwright, Acting Teacher


"Working with Tiffany allowed me to be psychologically prepared to debate an experience politician who is used to not telling the truth and misleading the voters. She allowed me to remain calm while listening to the lies and deceptions of the incumbent and contradict the lies calmly. She gave good feedback and allowed me to prepare successfully to debate a dishonest politician. If a potential client/student was on the fence about whether to work with Tiffany, I'd suggest that they meet with you at least once, if not twice to prep for debates and interactions and be prepared."

Sam Combs
candidate for Alaska House of Representatives


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