"The other actor to watch is Anchorage newcomer Tiffany Cooper in both of her roles, a born thespian with what seems to be a wide emotional palette at her fingertips."

Mike Dunham, Anchorage Daily News

"Cooper gives an acting class of her own, threatening to steal the show with her audition from August Wilson."

Charles Wohlforth,

"I was particularly impressed by Tiffany Cooper as a store clerk who auditioned with a monologue from August Wilson's The Piano Lesson. In a matter of minutes we watched a touching but tame and tepid, hallmark reading for the part transformed into a seething city for selfhood. They were the same words but came from a totally different woman in totally different circumstances. It was one of a chain of magic transformations in the play that made us rethink things we thought we knew."

Mike Dunham, Alaska Dispatch

"Tiffany Cooper's character, Delores, is a middle-aged grocery manager who can't make it to most auditions because she's either at work or caring for an aging, dependent mother. Her dream role is Bernice, from Wilson's The Piano Lesson. As Crystal attacks her consciousness with questions, a transformation in her acting is witnessed; the results are spectacular, to say the least."

Matt Caprioli, Anchorage Press Arts and Entertainment

"Other noteworthy performances include a fabulous gospel trio, starring Tiffany Cooper, Joliet Harris and Grace Garland, who leave the Walnut Street Theater stage smoldering with their many well-harmonized numbers."

David Kramer, Lawyer Lifestyles

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